Harish completed his PhD in Question Answering from the University of Birmingham in 2019 and began his current post as Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bath in 2022. In the interim, he has worked on research related to MWEs, Construction Grammar and language modelling and was the principal organiser of the SemEval 2022 Task on MWEs.

Before starting my PhD, I co-founded and ran a product-based social media marketing company, “Webfluenz”, for six years. I developed both the sentiment classification engine and the infrastructure to collect vast amounts of social media data and remained solely responsible for all of the company’s technological development.

My long term research goals are focused on the investigating methods of incorporating high-level cognitive capabilities into models. In the short and medium term, my research is focused on the infusion of world knowledge and common sense into pre-trained language models (e.g. BERT, GPT, T5 …) to improve performance on complex tasks such as multi-hop question answering, conversational agents, and social media analysis.