I’m happy to supervise projects in the field of computational linguistics or deep learning. I’d prefer projects that have a focus on exploring something new rather than software development projects.

Deep Learning

The significant advantage of deep learning systems is that they learn how to perform a task as opposed to having a programmer specify the task explicitly. There are several tasks that can exploit deep learning and I’d be interested in working on projects that make use of (or work on) deep learning models including CNNs and LSTMs (in addition to more traditional ANNs)

You’ll find a list of possible topics at: https://github.com/NirantK/awesome-project-ideas

If you want more examples, take a look at Stanford CS229 Final Project page (Especially previous year projects) http://cs229.stanford.edu/projects.html

Machine Learning software (Java) https://www.cs.waikato.ac.nz/ml/weka/

Natural Language Processing

My research focus is in Natural Language Processing and I have worked in the field for over a decade and a half. I’m particularly interested in Question Answering, Sentiment Analysis and Machine Cognition.

For a list of examples, take a look at Stanford CS224N/Ling284 Final Projects page: https://nlp.stanford.edu/courses/cs224n/

My Current Projects

These possible projects are very close to what I am currently working on and I’d be very interested in working with students interested in them:

  1. Linking free text to Knowledge Bases
  2. Fake News – Methods of Identification and methods of verifying the accuracy of claims in news.
  3. Conversational Agents including chatbots.
  4. Neural Network (generated) Art.
  5. Machine Learning and NLP based stock prediction